Baavet Pure Wool Luxury Pillow

Pillows are hugely subjective as everyone prefers their own level of comfort. If you suffer from a dust mite allergy go and buy a wool filled pillow, you are likely never to go back to synthetic or down. The pillow I like the most is the Baavet 100% Pure Wool Luxury Pillow. anti allergen pillow

The great thing about theses pillows is that if you buy one of the denser pillows you can remove the wool from inside it until meets your desired comfort level.

How is wool different to down, feathers or polyester? 

Wool is a great temperature regulator rather than an insulator. It helps regulate your body temperature whilst you are sleeping.  

When you become too hot the wool passes the heat, mainly in the form of moisture, from your body out and when its cold its keeps the heat in.

As dust mites thrive in moist warm environments having a breathable pillow that prevents moisture build up is essential to reducing the numbers of dust mites.anti dust mite pillow

Wool is naturally hypoallergenic. It’s resistant to mould growth, and it inhibits dust mites.

Synthetic and down pillows retain your body moisture when you sweat into the pillow, encouraging dust mites. 

Due to it’s natural hypoallergenic properties wool filled pillows are a fantastic choice for people with allergies.  

Find the Baavet Pure Wool Luxury Pillow on eBay.

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